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Create – Paint Your Vision

Exercise #3 of Stage 2 – Venture Forth

As you imagined the start of your journey in the earlier exercise, what did you see? Get out some poster paints, watercolors, crayons or whatever you have handy, and paint it. 

But wait, as soon as I placed that period I could hear the voice in your head say, “I can’t paint! I can’t do this!” So, let’s talk for a second about that voice. That critical voice is one we all have, though the message you hear is targeted to you. That voice comes from conditioning. It is the same voice that caused you to pull away from your creativity in the first place and it’s going to speak to you again and again during this journey. But if you listen very carefully, you may also hear the faint whisper of another voice saying “Go ahead. You can do it.” That voice is your authentic soul calling to you, calling you back to your creativity. Can you hear it? 

You will always have a choice about which voice to listen to. Which will you listen to now? If you listen to your authentic voice and paint from there, I promise that you will be amazed at the result. This picture will be a closer match to the image in your mind than anything that you’ve ever done before. You CAN paint, you just have to do it from your soul. Go ahead. Trust your Self.

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