Feeling the Pull Toward Your Creativity - Julie Brown Neu

Feeling the Pull Toward Your Creativity

Over the years you may have felt the pull of your own creativity. Perhaps you were an armchair traveler, daydreaming of a creative adventure.  On occasion you may have indulged in a creative project and felt the stirrings in your soul. But now that tug on your heart has gotten stronger, hasn’t it? You have seen glimpses of your creative self. You know there’s something more for you, even if you don’t know what it is and you’re feeling drawn to your creativity journey. You may not realize that the pull you’re feeling is leading you to your creativity. When you look out, you see nothing but darkness, but still you feel that pull, that gentle tug on your heart that is leading you forward, don’t you?

There may be no greater stage in your creativity journey than this first one. Without a desire to begin the journey, without the impulse to reawaken your creativity that drives you forward from today, the journey itself would be impossible. So many people hear the whispers that you hear, the soft stirrings of the soul that encourage you to create, to seek your Self in the act of making. But few listen. Instead, many hear only the negative voices that have long held sway in their minds.  These voices trumpet the cultural messages that taking time for oneself to create art is selfish or that art can only be made by people with the special gift of creativity, a gift that is reserved for a very select few. For many, these voices are enough to cause them to turn back when standing before the door to their creativity. Others may be able to ignore those cultural messages only to be brought low by their personal stories that make them think they do not deserve the joy that creating brings. The challenge you will face in this stage is feeling unworthy. Your heart is pulling you to create, but your mind is full of reasons why you don’t deserve happiness and joy. 

Still, you are standing here in this moment, ready to open the door. You may feel trepidations. Perhaps your hands are shaking as you contemplate stepping across this threshold. But, the pull you feel is from your authentic self. She wants you to turn away from the negative voices that have kept her voice from being heard. She wants you to experience true happiness and deep joy and to realize that you deserve it all. She wants you to step through the door and begin your journey to rediscover your creativity and through it, to awaken your soul. Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime? Take a step.

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