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Creative Play Newsletter – Why?

heart shaped mending stitches on denim

I have been writing this newsletter for more than five years now, exploring the nature of creativity, exhorting the value of play and experimentation, and mapping the creativity journey. But why? Why does any of this matter? Because our creativity is at the very core of who we are as human beings. The ability to conceive of something and then to make it, to bring something from the imaginary to the physical is part of what makes us who we are. When we lose touch with that, we lose a part of ourselves as well. Exploring your creativity isn’t important because of what you produce. It isn’t even important because of the process of making. It’s important because what you’re really exploring when you search for your creativity are the long-forgotten parts of yourself. What you are really making when you create are mends to your soul. The most important product of your creative explorations will never be something you can hang on your wall or display on your table. It will be something far more precious – your true, complete, whole Self. That’s why you are searching. That’s why you are driven to create, to make. You are restoring yourself. 

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