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Creative Play Newsletter – It’s Time

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Yesterday was a blur.  I was back in my cube for the first time since March 13, 2020, and my day was full.  But, there is one thing from the day that stayed with me. I was listening to a podcast during my morning commute (not at all happy about having one of those again!) and Tanya Dalton, the podcast host said, “when you start thinking about it, it’s time.” She’s so right, isn’t she? How many times has it happened that you’ve had an idea, a goal, or a dream that you find yourself thinking about and you realize that the thought is one you keep coming back to? There’s a thought or a wish that just keeps coming up in little nudges from your brain. “When you start thinking about it, it’s time.”  It’s time to start working on that idea or to put a plan of action into place to reach that goal. Is there something that you’ve started thinking about? It’s time.

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