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Creative Play Newsletter – Create Light

We have a print hanging in our daughter’s room by illustrator Peter H. Reynolds that says “There is more good than bad in the world, more light than darkness and we can make more light – together.” Our friends live near Reynolds’ bookstore The Blue Bunny and they gave our daughter the print for Christmas a few years ago. We haven’t told her yet though about the meaning behind the piece. Reynolds created the work following the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. On that day, our friend, who works for the Marathon, was driving a van bringing up the rear of the race route and I was a few towns away pushing our daughter in the baby swing, enjoying beautiful, sunny, spring weather. The other parents at the playground and I found the sunshine incongruous with the darkness we knew was happening a few miles away. 

The moment we are living through is another dark time. So, how can we make more light? What can we do to decrease the darkness? One way I know to bring more light into this world is to create. Sometimes I feel that creating my art is a selfish act because it brings ME so much joy. But art, when shared, can bring joy and light to others and to the world as well. As an artist, you have the power to illuminate and challenge; to remind and remember; to bring joy and ease pain; to create light in the darkness. It is not just for you that you bring forth your light. 

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