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Creative Play Newsletter – A Fresh Start

So far, 2021 is just as much of a dumpster fire as 2020, but nonetheless, I am feeling hopeful. The year is over and there is a vaccine on the horizon so I am choosing to embrace 2021 as an opportunity for a fresh start. I’ve ripped up my goals from 2020, and spent some time thinking about what I really want from my creative practice this year. (Answer: Not Much.) When I think about what’s really important to me about my creative work, it has nothing to do with any of the goals that I normally set. It doesn’t really matter to me how many quilts I sell (though it is hard to get motivated to do new work when the closet is already full), how many exhibits I participate in or how many talks I give. What matters the most is actually creating –  spending time in my studio sewing, choosing fabrics, or designing quilts. This year, I just want to make.

January is of course the time when many people make resolutions for the year, but it can be hard to feel the motivation to do that. 2020 was a year in which none of us had any control over our lives. How do you lose those 15 pounds when you’re at home stress eating all day? How do you get the raise at work when budgets are slashed and you’re just feeling lucky to have a job? So, the best advice I have seen about how to tackle resolutions this year is to not do it. Who knows when races will be run again and you can finally tackle that 5K? Instead, some are recommending that we focus instead on our habits. What habits from 2020 do we want to shed? (see above reference to stress eating)  Are there some new habits that you developed in 2020 that you want to keep? Maybe being home so much last year allowed you to begin a regular creative practice. Stick with it. If there was ever a year to give yourself a pass on resolutions, this is it. Let go of 2020 and any expectations you may have had for your creative practice and make a fresh start.

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