2020 Year in Review - Julie Brown Neu

2020 Year in Review

Oof. I don’t need to tell you that 2020 was a crappy year. With all of the stress of the year, the time spent making nothing but masks, and the months when I just couldn’t get motivated to create anything, I feel like I did no quilting this year. But, when I look back at my lists, I realize it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

I finished three quilts and four framed sewn photos, all in a rush to get ready for two gallery shows – the “Memorial Quilts for Mass Shooting Victims” show at the Francesca Anderson Fine Art Gallery from February to June and the “Created Equal” show at the Arlington Center for the Arts until January 15th.

Massacre Map, 2020, 46″ x 32″
Words "I can't breathe" embedded in rainbow stripes of crazy patchwork
Last Words 1, 2020, 27″ x 27″
self portrait in fabric
Fury, 2020.

I also finished three personal quilts, all of which had been projects or intended projects for a long time. (It’s not a UFO if you haven’t started it, but have only thought about it!) The first one I finished was a “Dear Daughter” quilt, which was the perfect project for a pandemic. It’s filled with words like “Have Courage” and “Live in the Sunshine” and the colors could not have been happier – hot pink, orange, teal, red, purple, and lime green. Now that I have moved a few projects out of the queue, I’m thinking about taking up the American Patchwork & Quilting UFO Challenge again this year. I always seem to have plenty of projects that I can do.

Here’s the final tally for the year:

  • Quilts – 6
  • Art Pieces – 4
  • Masks – 75 approx.
  • Gallery Shows – 2

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  • Bonnie Beard

    You have so much to show for this year, Julie! A year when just getting a head off a pillow takes such effort. Surrounding yourself with vivid color under (no doubt) bright light, has got to help, at least a bit. These pieces you’ve completed are classic remembrance heirlooms of this historic time. They make me think of the extraordinary crocheting I saw made in Bosnia, during the war.
    With the smallest off needles and the thinnest of yarns, each detail told of another day, a detail of life under siege.
    Women’s Art.

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