The Creativity Habit Podcast - Julie Brown Neu

The Creativity Habit Podcast

I started listening to a new podcast yesterday called The Creativity Habit™ that I heard about through a newsletter. After subscribing, I scrolled down through the available episodes to see if there were others from the past that I might want to listen to as well. Imagine my surprise when I came across a familiar name! In one of her earliest podcasts, host Daphne Cohn interviewed Andy Farkas, a woodcut printmaker in North Carolina. Andy and I grew up together and it was such a pleasure to hear his voice again as he talked about his art, his creative journey, and his other pursuits like bread baking. Andy was extremely talented as a teenager so there was no question in my mind that he would have a successful career as an artist. I really enjoyed hearing how it all turned out and you might too. Andy’s incredible work can be found in galleries and on his site You’ll be charmed by his soulful imagery.

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