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Creativity: The Cure for Your Midlife Crisis

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I read a very interesting news analysis in The New York Times Sunday Review yesterday. Laura M. Holson wrote about how getting back in touch with one’s creativity is the way many are addressing their midlife crises today. That certainly was true for me.

Forget a Fast Car. Creativity is the New Midlife Crisis Cure

The piece also talked about the challenges that many people face because they don’t know how to be more creative in their daily lives, which is exactly why I promote Creative Play™. Getting started is the hard part for many people, but the truth is that you don’t need to know how to get started, you just need to start. Really. Spend 15 minutes a day doodling (preferably not while doing something else) or coloring and you’ll unlock that door that has hidden your creativity all of these years. You’ll soon find that other ideas for exercising your creativity will come to you. Follow them.

If you are still thinking that you’d like a little more structure than that and a little more guidance, then you may be interested in an online course that I have designed specifically for that purpose. 30 Days of Creative Play™ is a class that you can start at any time with no prep work. It gives you 30 days of suggested exercises in a range of media to reignite your creative spark. Find out more about 30 Days of Creative Play™ here.There’s a short intro video that you can watch that will tell you all about it.

Are you ready? Let’s play to cure your midlife crisis! (So much cheaper than a sports car.)

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