The Joy of Analog - Julie Brown Neu

The Joy of Analog

My husband gave me a book last year called The Revenge of Analog that proposed that as the world becomes more digital, analog items like paper books, records, fountain pens, and film cameras become more appealing.  It all made sense to me because as someone who has spent a lot of time in front of a screen as a digital strategist, I am fond of real books, fountain pens, and nice paper in my off-hours.  But, I had forgotten how much I love using a film camera.  I went kind of kicking and screaming into the digital world there because I love the quality of images that film produces, but the convenience of digital is undeniable so I switched. Today however, as part of my creative play, I picked up a trusty old film camera, the Pentax K 1000, loaded some old film into it (we’ll see if any images actually come out), and walked outside. I had forgotten how much I loved the sound of the shutter, the feel of manually winding the film, and the experience of actually having to focus and the control that allows you over the image. I might have to get my darkroom set up again.


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