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Follow Your Leadings

This week, I felt very strongly the need to finish the blocks I have been making to remember the victims of the shooting in Las Vegas. It wasn’t on my To Do List this week and I’ve let the blocks sit for weeks on end without picking them up so they could have sat another week. But, when I stilled myself and questioned “What should I work on?” “The Vegas blocks” was the answer. As I worked on them, I still thought, “Gee, I really should do some of the things on my list” and I heard the answering thought, “No, you’re so close. Keep going.” So I did. I kept going, finished putting together the rows, and posted the picture of the finished blocks on Instagram:

I received a comment on my post from someone who lost her friend that day that it was the anniversary of her death. I didn’t realize. I wasn’t paying attention to what day it was or the fact that the anniversary was coming up, I was just responding to that feeling that there was nothing more important for me to do than to finish those blocks. And though I didn’t realize the significance, it was important that I finish them so that I could convey to a grieving friend that her loved one was not forgotten on a day that she may have been feeling her pain more intensely. I didn’t question where I was being led. I just followed and now I know why.

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