Creative Play Newsletter (Vol.1, Issue 12) - Create Your Creative Space - Julie Brown Neu

Creative Play Newsletter (Vol.1, Issue 12) – Create Your Creative Space

I’ve seen the recommendation in a couple of sources to spend at least 15 minutes a day in your creative work. It’s a great idea. Fifteen minutes a day is enough to keep your creative pump primed and enough to feed your soul on a daily basis.  But, even 15 minutes a day can seem really daunting if it first requires clearing off the dining room table and pulling out all of your supplies in order to get to work. We may not all be able to have a room of our own for our creative work, but having a least a corner or a small surface is absolutely necessary.

We all need a spot where we can sit down and do our creative work and on days when 15 minutes is all we really have, it’s important to be able to sit down and get right to work. If even that time seems like a struggle at the moment, think about where you might find 15 minutes a day.  Would you have 15 minutes while something simmers on the stove as you cook dinner?  Look around for a spot near the kitchen that could become your space.  Do you have one of those bill paying desks in the kitchen?  Ever paid bills there?  No one else has either; make it your creative space.

Does it take your child 15 minutes to get her pajamas on and teeth brushed before bed? (Mine takes at least that long!) Is there a closet near the bedrooms that could be emptied and turned into a creativity closet?  I am lucky enough to have a room of my own (having decided not to have a guest room in my house in order to have a studio – sorry, Mom!), but I still turned my closet into a work space. I hung closet organizers and a standing height desk and I use the space for all non-quilting related art, painting, paper crafts, etc. (and some junk too as you can see below).

Julie Neu, art closet, purple wall
Creativity Closet

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