Design Wall Tuesday in Provence - Julie Brown Neu

Design Wall Tuesday in Provence

Here’s what’s on my design wall today:

Is it a little busy? Yes. Do I care? No. Why not?

  1.  It’s for a back.
  2.  It’s for the back of a quilt that I am making for myself. It’s going to be the back of The Quilt Show 2016 BOM that I did.)
  3.  The fabrics are precious ones, purchased in Provence on a bike trip for the Tour de France in 2004.

You know the story – I’d been holding onto these fabrics for years, loving them, but afraid to cut them. I finally found the perfect place for them in big blocks on a quilt for me where I will get to enjoy them every day.  And, I’ve even come up a with a great new project for the scraps.

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