Design Wall Tuesday - #BirdZeed and #APQResolution - Julie Brown Neu

Design Wall Tuesday – #BirdZeed and #APQResolution

I’m killing two birds (so to speak) with one stone this week.  A friend of mine has recently started a new creative community called BirdZeed. Each month, she posts a word to spur our creative juices and we share what we create.  July’s word is “Circle.” When she posted the word, this UFO was hanging on my design wall and honestly, I had decided to trash it.  I thought that I had learned what I needed to learn from it and it didn’t need to be finished.

Bleeding Hearts_june

But, I turned to it and thought, “Hmm. Circles. I’m going to trash it anyway so let me cut it into circles first and see what happens. If I hate it, it can still go in the trash.”  So I started cutting.  I tossed down some circles on some black fabric, sewed them down, did a little machine and hand quilting and voila!  A finished project that I absolutely love that also saved a UFO from the trash.


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