Arabesque #3 is complete! - Julie Brown Neu

Arabesque #3 is complete!

As I quilted Arabesque #3, I found myself thinking that I should call it “Divine Intervention” instead. The piecing certainly required a few prayers, but I have to admit that I had no faith at all when it came time to quilt. This one hung on my design wall for months because I couldn’t bring myself to quilt it. “It’s never going to work!” I thought.  Well, I was wrong and I can only credit something greater than myself for the outcome.  I had a few false starts quilting the center star.  I finally took the recommendation of a friend and hand quilted it and that worked perfectly. Once that problem was solved, the remaining quilting only required a few hours.  Really. And, I like the final product far more than I did when it was just pieced. I never believed that “quilting it out” was actually possible until now. It’s a miracle!  Here’s the final product. I’ll be starting to plan Arabesque #4 on Monday.

Arabesque#3, 2016. 40" x 32"
Arabesque#3, 2016. 40″ x 32″

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