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Now on Etsy – Rainbow Sprinkles

I’ve realized that one of the things that I lost when my blog blew up and I lost all of those years of content was the creation stories of most of my quilts. So, I have decided to recreate some of those, at least for the quilts that are available for sale in my Shop. This week, “Rainbow Sprinkles”:

Rainbow Sprinkles Quilt


This quilt is based on a design that I created many years ago for a friend’s baby quilt. The nursery was brown and green and I needed a pattern with a more modern look to fit with those colors and the modern design in the fabrics.  When I made “Rainbow Sprinkles” during my maternity leave in 2012, I think that I wanted something fun, bright, and organized to balance with what my life was like at the time.  I bought the brightest white fabric that I could find (It’s a  Kona Cotton.) and I pawed through my stash for my brightest fabrics in a rainbow of colors. (There are a lot of Kaffe Fassetts in here.)  I spent many happy hours at the sewing machine with a rainbow stack next to me sewing patches together.  When it came time to quilt, I also went to my favorite section of the thread drawer and pulled out a rainbow variegated thread for the colored patches and a white for the background. It’s simply, but heavily quilted with straight lines to emphasize the verticality of the colored strips.  For the binding, I went back to the rainbow stack and used strips of all of the fabrics in the quilt to create a rainbow around the edge.

This quilt brought me so much joy to make and it continues to be one of my favorite quilts. I think it would be a gorgeous baby quilt for someone not into saccharine sweet pastels.

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  • Carol

    Hi Julie! Ended up on your blog and enjoyed seeing the pieces you previously shared with the AST group! I am impressed with how prolific you’ve been plus keeping up a blog. So what do you think of keeping up your blog – does it take time away from your ‘work’ or do you find that your work & your blog inspire each other?

    • julieneu

      Thanks, Carol! You ask a great question. I don’t find keeping up a blog to take too much time away from work. Now that I am using a digital camera, each post really only takes a few minutes from start to finish. I don’t know if my blog inspires my work, but it definitely encourages me to share what I am working on, even if my readership is small, and I am sure that there’s a benefit in putting my work out there in this small way.

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